Wednesday, December 30, 2009

TRACK a week IS going STRONG!

Yep another Wednesday's end and another track on I was just listening to the new track I uploaded and hit play on another track at the same time. It sounds pretty good, well you can try it for yourself.

Making a Track a week or at least posting a new track every week is an interesting project to undergo. There's no doubt that its a kind of falseness that means a track can go up even if it is not "complete". What is gained by this definitely out weighs the negatives, and that is a connection to the making or process without excessive and sometimes counter productive reflection, and a way of seeing a Narrative or "Greater Picture" of the work; Perspective. This may sound as though I am talking about just myself, but it is not the intention, this format of publishing a track every week is also being done to share with others.

Maybe no one listens to these tracks but it is the act of "putting it out there" that has significance. This topic is something that should be discussed. "Putting it Out There" means so many things to the person revealing themselves to the world. It can be; scary, fun, intimidating, satisfying, and even enlightening. Just having the courage to have a voice, even if you need to do it in the dark like this is, makes the work have meaning and value outside of whatever you think about yourself.

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