Wednesday, October 3, 2012


I am in the proccess of uploading some tracks to my youtube channel and soundcloud page. They are some older tracks that have been in my playlist and pop up from time to time. I hope you enjoy checking them out.

An Update on Life

Ok, I know its been a long time since I last put anything here. Sorry about that who ever you are. Since my show at the Incinerator Gallery earlier this year I have been working, more than I'd like to be, and indulging various hobbies and of course making what I think is Art. I could also blame TUMBLR for the lack of activity, but really I only use that when I'm at work, and it is more of a bookmarking tool. Although I'm sure it is a fantastic resource for someone with similar interests. Feel free to check it out here (
I have been searching for the what next in my life in terms of Job, Art, Study, and even location. With such heavy thoughts I have managed to do a Performance at RMIT. It had been nearly a year since I last publicly performed a soundscape set. I'm not convinced that it was the best performance, although people who saw it seem to have enjoyed it.