Monday, April 19, 2010

Unforseen closure of my website

I really dont know what happened. I was on holidays far away from home and all my problems. Thinking it might be a nice idea to share a bit of my world with my hosts I would attempt to show them my website. All that came up was that this URL cannot be found. I googled it, and it came up, clicked the link and no dice. Perhaps this was just an error on the ISP I was connecting to. Back grey old Melbourne for a week and still nothing. All that work gone. The person hosting the site is not replying to emails.
There may be some changes on this blog in the near future to accomodate the dissapearance. I enjoyed making the site but at the moment the thought of re-creatinng the whole thing from scratch is a little to much for me to handle. Hopefully this is just some kind of outage and will be up again at a later stage.

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