Thursday, June 17, 2010

Psychopompistic Ballistic Draws ever Closer

Some things You may like to know.

What is a Pyschopomp?
Better I refer to someone else's words. So to go for the most accessible source I'll give you a link to WIKI land. Psychopomp.

Why a Psychopomp?
The reason I have called the show what I have, comes from thinking about why I make work and what creativity is. I do not plan on writing a thesis here, and will only touch on things as they seem appropriate.
A Psychopomp's role is to assist in transporting someone from one state to another. It this betweenness I am interested in. It is personification of the moment of creation.
I am exploring to see if I fit in somewhere in this world. This is something noticeably left out of my practice till now. It is not a portrait of an artist but an artist becoming the art.


In previous posts I have shown images of drawings made from indexical marks made from my face, or a face print.
I have been thinking of the skin as a another liminal zone and there for the site of creation, where it transforms into something different.

Well, this writing seems to be fizzling, so I am going to stop. But this is only a beginning...

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