Wednesday, December 1, 2010

It has been far too long!!

It has been far to long since I have written anything for my blog. That being said of course I have an excuse and it's the same excuse I will use to explain why I will keep this one short and write a more in depth article in the near future as I have lots to talk about!!

I have started using a blog that a friend and I started earlier this year that I wish to push out there a bit more called Alien Space Probe. It contains other articles of interest all around the theme of arty stuff. I know there are millions of sites out there like this but this one will be unique in that hopefully it will contain material specific to my piers and self's interests as vast as they are. So book mark it!!!

I have had a few gigs recently as well!!! I look forward to discussing them. the most recent was on Monday and was a collaboration.

And another Big thing has been my purchase of a audio recorder, Zoom H1. Initially just as a Dictaphone and now it has sparked a new project which requires some discussion too.

So I look forward to talking soon and hope you enjoy the journey.


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