Sunday, May 8, 2011

You may notice some changes to this site

Hi every one. Yes I have been incredibly lazy with this blogging thing and there's no excuse for it. What's going on in my world at the moment is;

  1. I have been playing a few Gigs this year using new gear and sounds.
    1. this has involved using a Roland s-760 sampler and my MPC 2000
    2. I have been using a Fostex VF-16 for a mixer/effects and longer backing sounds
    3. In addition to this, for my last Gig I used a Netbook and a program called Moonster, to control video clips through the MPC 2000.
I will upload some video and pictures when I get them.

Another exciting thing I have started doing, is offering audio copies of the performance straight after as an MP3 for anyone interested with some kind of storage on them. This has been a really nice way to talk to people after playing and get some feed back.

I have also been asked to be in a show later in the year. Its a group show and has a theme of "Erasure", which should be fun.

As my practice has evolved since completing university I have gravitated more and more toward a performance based practice and am enjoying myself. This seems like a fairly natural progression and I feel I am still engaging in a lot of the same concepts etc..

I am also heading over to Europe for the first time in July this year to see the Venice Bianalle and generally submerse in some Art culture.

There is going to be a bit more audio content going up in the next couple of days. I look forward to sharing this and assigning these as done as much as they are going to be to make room for new things.

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