Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Essentials Fire/Place/Residencies

I was just in an Art exhibition called, Essential Fire with a group of lovely people the Moonee Ponds Incinerator Gallery. This was the second exhibition of Field Recordings made in the Tate Modern in August last year. So the title I thought was appropriate was Presentation II. The show consisted of a wooden fruit box on the ground in the corner sitting on a scarf. On top of the box, sits two stacks. One is a pile neatly piled tower of 50 CD-R's, with the title of the work, catalogue number and other details printed on it. The other, leaves of paper with the list of contents of the CD-R.
The title Placard read: “Through exploring the sound of great works of Art from renowned Institutions, I hope to offer a new experience. With recordings from The Mona Lisa to works by Joseph Beuys, what remains are overlooked Fragments, re-packaged for consumption, akin to concert bootlegs.”
You may have noticed that there is a page titled, “BOOTLEG PROJECT”, you will soon find a few things appearing here. Pictures/Sounds/Play Lists. As this has developed, what I see appearing is, documentation from the Group show at the end of last year and the recent Essential Fire exhibition. The bootleg Project seems to be developing to involve more than recordings made in Art Galleries. Using field recording as a method of expression.
Lastly I want to mention what I have been thinking about in terms of the next move. I would like to make some more recordings and release compositions exploring Place (This was a link to a text which I am referring to in the context of my work). I have been investigating different places that I may be able to do this.

Below is a link to an article of exciting sounding Residencies:

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