Thursday, April 26, 2012

Who's Slack?

I've been in the studio all morning today working on some video experiments. They are inspired by Slacker, its a movie by Richard Linklater from 1991. It encaptulates a feeling that has probably more than effected the kind of work I make. The funny thing is that I had never actually seen it untill 2009, but is probably best described as the feeling of the time, and so many films I had seen would be described as being in the slacker genre. The movie is a kind of intelectual, mundane, directionless conversation exploring existance. And what does this have to do with me and what I do? Well, I have been thinking about time spent "working" in the studio. When I sit down and day dream or noodle out the millionth failed sketch, it seems, so much time is spent incubating ideas, action is only the smallest part of making work. So last night I began writting a "slacker" script about time in the studio. Today I go up and set up the scene, practiced my lines a few times. What should I wear? Where whould I sit? Lighting, etc, etc. But what was really fun was setting up the sound recording so that you can hear me blab.

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