Friday, December 11, 2009

Infant Website

I know this is getting repetitive, but the website is all consuming at the moment. So just an update. You can see that I have those fairly ugly buttons at the top of the blog, they will navigate you around the rest of my website. Although at this stage it is very much a skeleton of a site, you will begin to see more media being uploaded and it becoming more usable. One thing I'm looking forward to is working out how to implement the search button as it does nothing at the moment.

So to save time and get the ball rolling I have used a free CSS template from Free CSS Templates. I have modified the code a little but not to much at this stage. Its a great way to work as it lays down the structure for you. I will continue working on my own design as well but only use it once its a bit more developed.

Oh, and of course this is a link to the home page just in case those buttons disappear or stop working.

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