Thursday, March 4, 2010

A link to some writting

In this latest edition I will simply pay respect where it is due.
I will post links to two pieces of writing that close friends have written for me and helped write.

The first is an essay that was written for an exhibition I had last year. It was suggested that I would be nice to have an accompanying essay with the show. Originally I was going to write it but quickly realised that it would be  best done by someone who's strength was writing. John helped me previously and had moved to the other side of the country recently. So from the sunny north without seeing what I was planning to make a paper was prepared.

Ocular Lab Blab

Secondly is the much more recent work of my house mate. This was something I had started and was using as a proposal. With lots of help this is what we came up with.

The Psychopompistic Ballistic

Anyway I thought I would add this to the site so you can have a read and get someone else perspective of what I do.

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