Monday, March 8, 2010

SoundCloud, IDMforums, and a New Music Host

It has come to my attention that unfortunately some people have not been able to listen to my tracks on my website due to compatibility issues. So I'm the process of looking for an alternative.

The main reason for the current method of streaming is that it is fairly fast and the files remain on my server with rest of the site, and it's mine. What I am thinking of using now is called SoundCloud it is a service much like youtube but for music. Anyway I have found that a few musicians making similar music are using this. I'll give it a shot and hopefully it smooths out any kinks in the compatibility between different browsers. Still a little weary of using a host company for this as it feels a little like handing over ownership. Another exciting possibility is that it may encourage some future collaboration.

If you are interested in having a read of some musical geekology you should have a look at IDMforums. It is very geeky but great resource of ambient and other electronic "IDM" conversation.
Anyway if anyone reads this and has some advice feel free to email me through this link my web Email.

New track is nearly ready!! sounding good so far.

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