Monday, March 22, 2010

New Blog Time

I have just started another blog just for images that I will scan from my mountain of photo's. I wanted to call it Instant-Gratification but that was not available unfortunately. Still lots of fun to be had there it will be lots of images eventually. There's just two at the moment, but they'll be more to come. The inspiration came from a couple of places.

The first is that last night I was editing photographs for my art website and had to pull out some old photo's. looking through them was such a pleasure that I had to start putting them up around me. not just images of Art but heaps of different stuff; cars, rubbish, friends, textures, and the list goes on and on. there seemed to be some kind of connection symbiotic relation with other work. I would like to think of my Art as being inclusive rather than exclusive so I wanted to include this material some how. But how? They didn't seem to fit in with a gallery show that I wanted to put on at this stage. So I figure this will suffice for now a public space where they can develop some kind of relationship with the rest of the world instead of just with myself. Even if there isn't a great audience that's not that different from any contemporary Art

The second important influence came from a Lecture I attended on Saturday. Harrell Fletcher gave a rather inspiring lecture at the National Gallery of Victoria talking about his own practice across two decades. The introduction of his practice as relating to the world we are in today, by Dr Alex Baker, as particularly relevant a-la G.F.C. That aside, Fletchers approach focuses on finding a way around the Art world and still exist by looking at the community that he's is in. For example a work he collaborated on in the early 1990's. While in graduate school, they found a vacant space and asked if they could use it to exhibit work until someone rented it, as it turned out they stayed for over a year rent free.

So you should keep an eye on it HERE and you will find it in my links over there {--. Save it in your RSS feed reader and get some pictures in your inbox.

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