Sunday, March 21, 2010

Some New Images for My Website

Today I have been working on some images for my website. Going through tones of files, trying to find documentation of work. What a Nightmare! Anyway there aren't any new images on the website just yet but I did find a bunch of images I scanned in from some home developed B/W film. This particular shot was taken using a 3200 iso film. As you can see by the various blemishes on the image I had a little trouble getting the film onto the spindle.For some reason I always end up developing films when it’s really hot. Sweat dripping of my head from frustration as I wrestle in the dark to get the film on. What fun!! Anyway this place has been on route to a supermarket I shop at for years. It has always fascinated me. It has recently been sold and is looking a lot less exciting and somewhere you might find a ghost, and more like every other place in Brunswick. Oh well enjoy!
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